10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make

he worst mistakes, are the ones you don’t even realize you’re making.

Approaching women can be really easy — if you know what you’re doing!

Smile, laugh, and use humor — it will trigger off both your happy chemicals and build attraction.

Jumping straight into a woman’s personal space will set off her creeper-alarm.

Spice things up a little and think outside the box.

Ask her some novel questions that allows her to show her unique personality.

10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make-62

Show a woman that you know what you stand for, that you have clear opinions, and that you can lead.

There are ways to talk about your life without having to brag.

As a general rule, listen twice as much as you talk.

Gauge how the conversation is developing, you can then start to move closer as she shows more signs of interested.

The wrong place, at the wrong time also applies to approaching women.

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