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We identified four genes containing conserved DM domains in the genome of S. A maximum likelihood analysis using only the DM domains from each gene was used to generate a phylogenetic tree.

Although the tree had poor resolution, and low bootstrap support across most of the topology, it provided evidence of moderate-to-strong relationships between Smed-dmd-1 and homologues in S. mediterranea do not have obvious close homologues in other species based on phylogenetic reconstructions using DM domain or BLAST comparisons using the full protein sequence.

Caricatura di Enrico III di Valois, re di Francia (1551-1589), messo alla berlina per la sua omosessualità come "ermafrodito", dal frontespizio del libro satirico di Thomas Artus, Les Hermaphrodites, 1605, (edito anche col titolo di "L'isle des Hermaphrodites).

Germline stem cells associated with the testes and ovaries can be identified by expression of the germline-specific marker, nanos (Gen Bank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number EF035555.1, Fig. Notably, asexual strains of planarians that reproduce strictly by transverse fission also contain nanos-positive germ cells, but these cells fail to differentiate.

These results demonstrate that dmd-1 is an essential component of pathways responsible for inductive specification of the germline and development of a sex-specific somatic gonadal niche in a simultaneous hermaphrodite.

We also show that a homologue of dmd-1 exhibits sex-specific expression in S.

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