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You: cum You: stop finger and get a hair brush and put the handle in Stranger: ok, sorry for the no reply then, keep telling me baby, don't stop ;)You: dont supose i could get a pic when this is all done ;)You: push the handle as deep as you can, once you get there go hard and fast You: take your free hand and rub your tits, pinch and tease your nipples You: add a finger to the brush handle and go faster You: reply when you cum You: stop with the brush and add 3 fingers You: do the come hither motion until you cum Stranger: ohhhhh wow!

My Tranny Cams is a place where you’ll feel welcomed by sexy transsexuals.

*notes this is a chat form omegle i had with a random women, it devolves quickly at the end but o hope you enjoy*You: hey s*s Stranger: hey there b*o, you ok?

You: yea You: just a bit well never mind You: *i look nerves*Stranger: no, come on, tell me Stranger: *sits on bed next to you*You: my friends at school think your hot * i cover my legs with a pillow*Stranger: aw, well, what's the problem sweetie?

All the chatrooms, including private messages, are intended for those considered to be an adult (which specifically means ages 18 and older).

You: * i lean in slowly and whisper in your ear* are you sure * i start to kiss your neck softly*Stranger: never been more sure of anything before.

*i grab your head and hold you close*You: *i continue to kiss on your neck passionately, i move my hands slowly towards the rest of the buttons on your jumper..i start to fumble with them trying to un do them*Stranger: *i throw my head back allowing you to kiss my neck, then reach my hands under the pillow and down your pants Stranger: *You: * i jump a bit but then settle down, i start to kiss down your neck now towards your breast, i have finally managed to get the rest of the buttons undone*Stranger: *i start to groan, and i get very rough massaging away at your cock*You: *i moan softly as i kiss down* that feels good *i take a hand and place it on your leg close to the opening on your skirt and start to rub gentaly*Stranger: *i start moving up and down with your rubbing actions, I close my eyes, and get more and more rough, feeling your cock pulsing in my hands*You: *i move my hand under your skirt now and start to rub your pussy through you panties, i now kiss the tops of your breasts*Stranger: *i grab onto your hair and push your face closer into my boobs.

I start squeezing you so hard now, i hear you moaning in pain, yet pleasure*You: *i start to rub hard then i stop and stop you, pulling your hand out of my pants* lay back i want to make happy * a devilish grin appears on my face*Stranger: *i lay onto your bed, waiting to see the evil and rough side of you* ;)You: *i pull your bra over your breasts and genitally pinch your nipples, the p lift your skirt and pull off your wet panties* are you sure *i say half unconerned with your awnser*Stranger: of course i am baby, this is what i want, i want you You: i want you too *i then drop to my knees and start to kiss up your legs avoiding your pussy on purpose, i take a finger and start to rub your clit slowly, i thank my free hand and message your breasts*Stranger: *i just sit there, spreading my legs wide, i start to moan with pleasure* harder *i murmer under my voice*You: *as i message i start to pinch your nipples again teasing them, i message your clit hard, and slip a finger in you and start to make a come hither motion with it*Stranger: *i am in heaven You feel my pussy throbbing, and i start you groan out loud now* HARDER!!

You: * now stop rubbing your clit and start to lick it faster and faster i now add a second finger and go hard as you demanded, i take my other hand away form your breasts and place it on your butt, rubbing*Stranger: OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! *I have started thrusting my hips slowly, moving with your tongue and fingers, i start playing with my nips now, and you enjoy it*You: * go harder and faster with my tongue, and add a 3rd finger, i move my other hand and spread your butt checks and start to run your hole sloftly* i hear girls likes * i manage to say*Stranger: *i start to move faster and harder.* add the fourth, add the fourth! You: * add the 4th finger and go harder still, i slip one finger in your butt and star the same come hither motion* cum for me s*s * i beg*You: (ENJOYING)Stranger: (i am) : D *i start to groan and scream, you can feel me throbbing harder and harder, and finally i cum* for you baby You: (:)) *i slow everything down and start to like your juices* you takes great Stranger: : D *i then flop down onto your bed, exhausted but still wanting to carry on*You: * stand up you can clearly see my erection now, i lay next to you and kiss you deeply* (start to get a bit ya know lol)Stranger: *then return my hands to down your pants, picking up where we left off ;)*You: *i moan softly* so whats next *i say with a coy ton of voice*Stranger: *i slowly unbutton your trousers with one hand, still working away with the other, and you take hold of my tits again*You: *i squeeze them and tease your nipples*Stranger: *i start to kiss down your body, then reach your cock, i tease at the end with my tounge*You: * i sit up enough to continue play with your tits* tease Stranger: 'i then place my mouth around the end of your cock, but you're getting impatient with me* i like it rough baby!!

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