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You don’t have to do much for using a conception calculator.All you have to do it type the length of the menstrual cycle and the first day of last period.It needs the length of your menstrual cycle and the first day of last period. Certain factors release in blood after fertilization occurs.Usually, pregnancy lasts for 36-40 weeks, and the calculator adds the number of days. So the date of conception is the ovulation day of the previous cycle. Advanced blood tests within a short time frame after fertilization can tell when did conception occur.Conception date calculator will also help in preparing for two due dates.However, even after calculating gestational age doctor assesses it at every stage.It is because fertility experts know the time of embryo transfer.

The baby must keep growing according to the conception date.When you will input this information, the calculator will generate the answer.If you want to calculate your gestational age, then add two weeks to the answer.The ultrasounds between 8-18 weeks can help calculate the baby’s age.When the baby is only two weeks old, it has a gestational age of 4 weeks.

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