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This is an exciting stage for SPHERE as we start to collect real-life data and develop the sensors ability to recognise different activities. On the 15th December 2016 SPHERE had a momentous day as the first deployment in a participants house took place.

This was a very exciting day for the team to see the last few years hard work being installed into a participants home.

After months of technology development and a period of testing in the SPHERE house and pilot homes, the technology is now being prepared for wider deployment in up to 100 homes near the University of Bristol.

There will be up to 30 sensors (depending on the size of the home) installed in each of the test homes.

We now have the 'deployment' versions of these sensors ready.

These include the SPHERE wearable, and the charging pad.

The team look forward to being able to install into further homes in the new year and to start analysing the data collected.

Beginning in January 2016, a team of researchers from Open Lab, Newcastle University joined the SPHERE team working on the development of the SPHERE Genie, the interface used to control the SPHERE system.

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Using this data, the project will focus on inferring the patient's activity and level.

The opportunities to meet members of the public and the Friends of SPHERE have been most memorable, with their excitement, interest, and critical input proving highly motivating and engaging for us.

We look forward to seeing what happens in the future with SPHERE as it is deployed in homes across Bristol.

For our final activity, we brought together 11 Friends of SPHERE for a workshop.

In this workshop, the Friends of SPHERE completed a data profile of their home, sharing aspects of their life and home with us.

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