Angdating daan

Eli Soriano who always encourages Church members to volunteer for worthwhile causes. Eli in a message: “You have a lot of good people, you motivate them to serve, because [we’re] never too old to serve.”MCGI, alongside its media partner UNTV, was also awarded by the Filipino Community Council of Australia (FILCCA) in October 2016 for supporting the latter in its advocacies by organizing regular blood donation initiatives, clean-up drives, and visits to eldercare facilities in also reaped awards and commendations throughout the years in broadcast since it first aired in 1980 as a 30-minute radio show in the Philippines.

During the 34th Dangal ng Bayan Awards in 2014, Bro.

One time when I was sleeping, I was awakened at around 1 am when I heard the Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path] program.

~o~ Ever since I was assigned in Cavite, as my boss was there, I always carried around a radio.

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In 20, Gawad Amerika honored the program as the “Most Informative Religious Program” and “Best Religious Program”, respectively.

Since then, it stuck in my mind that that program was good. I will gradually try to convince her, for her to be in the true religion.

And I wasn’t able to get back to sleep anymore because I liked the question and answer portion. I’m not stopping you because it’s good for you to change.” I said, “Yes, I’m already good to you, so please come with me.” But she told me that I should go first, and so I did.

~o~ I was invited by someone to attend the indoctrination, and it’s only then when I realized the wrong things that Catholicism is teaching. I felt happy and with such a light feeling inside, like you have no constant worries or anything.

So it’s about time that what I believed in became right. I think it was in the first week of September that I started listening. I hope that they will continue what they’re doing, and may they have more courage for their message to be heard by a greater number of people. Maricel: I should have become a member a long time ago, perhaps since about 15 years ago.

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