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Cody indeed was trying to impress Emily by being a show off but she was not impressed.

With meeting, it seemed that Cody and Emily were deemed to go on different paths.

Emily was interested in another guy and Cody heard she wasn't interested in him so he just focused on work.

Little did they know but Cody would soon be moving to Texas.

December came around and Cody and Emily developed a close relationship where they were talking more and more.

They then got into discussions of dating, but being long distance had it's issues.

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Well, on December 22, 2017 Cody and Emily took a risk and decided to get into a relationship.Eileen gushed about how good looking and athletic he was, how he was already friends with Tom and Diana... Emily didn't care much, having no intention to meet this boy who lived in Michigan as she did not think she would be leaving California, but she let her mom finish the story.Eileen talked about how all the moms at church thought he was a dream and wanted to set him up with the perfect girl.Then, summer came and Emily took the biggest risk of all: giving up everything she had in Michigan and move to Texas to live with Cody.In late July of 2018, Emily moved in with Cody in Texas.

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