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Some guys understand this but take it too far—into swagger mode—and they come across like arrogant players.

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Once you realize that it takes 9 no’s to get to a yes, the no’s don’t sting as much.

If you start imagining yourself getting nervous or tongue-tied, stop and start again until you imagine it going smoothly.

Now the big caveat to this is: don’t get hung up rehearsing specific dialog—don’t memorize your script, otherwise if things veer off in a different direction you could really be thrown.

It is inevitable that the glass will break, so they see the glass as already broken—there’s no overdeveloped sense of attachment to it. If she says no, it’s not like you’re really LOSING something.

Instead of getting bent out of shape if she says no, just say to yourself, “ah well, her loss.” One thing the Buddhists won’t tell you is that asking women out is a numbers game.

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