Backdating job seekers allowance claim

2) I had a genuine belief that I had good reason for not claiming.3) I was actively seeking work during the period referred to. UK website has a secure service for claiming Jobseeker's Allowance online.You can use it to start a new application or return to a saved application.It may delay your claim for JSA if you fail to do so.There is a set process to follow if you disagree with a JSA decision.

Your local Jobcentre Plus office will give you more information on how to make a joint claim for JSA.I applied to have my JSA and Housing Benefit backdated to the point I lost my job - the JSA was rejected but the Housing Benefit approved.I have appealed the JSA decision and this was rejected. The problem is that they haven't supplied me with a reason for my claim being rejected, and I can't find any guidelines on the internet anywhere. 1) I was eligible for JSA from the date of my backdate request.Attend an interview to speak to an adviser about the reasons for your current unemployment and the type of job that you are seeking.Provide your national insurance number; you may also have to provide the national insurance number of your partner if you are living together.

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