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The first “NEMart contest” was organised in 2010, on the occasion of the 2010 NEM Summit held in Barcelona, in order to foster innovation in the Networked Electronic Media area, through a stronger involvement of the Art community, inviting applications for real demonstrators/proof of concepts which clearly show the exciting opportunities which exist when technology and art/design conjoin: interactive entertainment experiences, new design-led applications for social well-being, novel ways of telling stories using digital media, etc. George Ioannidis, IN2 Chaired by Duygu Oktem, co-Chair of the NEM Summit Organizing Committee, Turk Telekom “TV World: 3D, Connected and Smart TVs, Interfaces and Trends”, Cem Kural, Arcelik “4D Modelling: From Video to Interactive 3D Digital Media Content”, Adrian Hilton, University of Surrey, UK “E-Heritage, Cyber Archaeology and Cloud Museum”, Katsushi Ikeuchi, University of Tokyo, Japan Chaired by Pierre-Yves Danet, France Telecom “Scene Modelling For Richer Media Content”, Chris Budd, Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Martin Klaudiny, Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey) “Enhancing Viewer Engagement Using Biomechanical Analysis of Sport”, Robert Dawes, Bruce Weir, Chris Pike, Paul Golds, Mark Mann (BBC R&D) “Foundations of a New Interaction Paradigm for Immersive 3D Multimedia”, Iris Galloso, Francisco Pedro Luque, Luca Piovano, David Garrido, Claudio Feijoo (Technical University of Madrid) “[email protected] – Immersive Production and Delivery of Interactive 3D Content”, O. In 2010, the NEMart awards have been granted to 5 candidates: In 2011, at the NEM Summit held in Turin, the winner was “Isabella – The Secret Recipes” designed and developed by Virva Emilia Auvinen who works at Nokia as a Visual and UX Designer, and created the entire project in her spare time. In the next weeks and months several of these invited SMEs should report an effective impact (on the next round of funding) of their participation in the event.“Access to market and internationalisation of Turkish R&D”, Okan Kara, National Coordinator EU Framework Programmes TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) – Chairman Turkish Eureka In the framework of the NEM Summit 2012, the European Commission organised on October 17th in Istanbul, in partnership with the network Media Deals and NEM, an Investment Forum dedicated to early stage mediatech entrepreneurs.Baybars Altuntas, President of the Turkish Business Angels Association and Okan Kara, National coordinator, EU Framework Programmes at Tübitak, welcomed the event in Istanbul and pointed out the current dynamism of Turkish R&D and entrepreneurship.Baybars mentioned also the recent implementation of dedicated new tax incentives to foster angel investment in Turkey. Guercio (Telecom Italia, Politecnico di Torino) “Synaesthesia Innovative music components for collaborating and creating music with objects in real space”, Michela Magas, Christopher Rea (Stromatolite Design Research Laboratory) “Connected TV: new opportunities for the accessibility”, Carlos Alberto Martín, José Manuel Menéndez, Guillermo Cisneros (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) “User-­activated public service”, Miriam Lerkenfeld, Torsten Andreasen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies) Chaired by Roger Torrenti, co-Chair of the NEM Summit Organizing Committee, CEO of Sigma Orionis Keynote address “Bringing the Olympics to audiences in 8k Ultra High Definition”, John Zubryzycki, BBC R&D, UK NEM Summit Awards Best Paper Award, Thorsten Herfert (Intel), Gozde Bozdagi Akar (Middle East Technical University) NEMart Award, Rowena Goldman, BBC Best Demonstration Award, F.Descriptors: Preservice Teachers, Mathematics, Mathematics Instruction, Mathematics Education, Mathematical Models, Mathematics Skills, Undergraduate Students, Mathematics Teachers, Teacher Education Programs, Mathematical Concepts, Foreign Countries, Probability, Elementary School Mathematics, Semi Structured Interviews, Qualitative Research EURASIA. ) was discovered in sand flies collected in Albania and genetically characterised as a member of the Sandfly fever Naples species complex.

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The contest was launched (see the NEMart flyer) under the aegis of a NEMart Jury including: Selected applications have been showcased in the exhibition area of the Summit. Ortiz (University of València, Virtualware Labs, Aido, Innovalia Metrology) “Social Sensor: Surfacing Real-time trends & Insights from Multiple Social Networks”, Sotiris Diplaris, Giorgos Petkos, Symeon Papadopoulos, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Nikos Sarris (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Athens Technology Center) “Immersive Autostereoscopic Telepresence”, Mathias Johanson, Kjell Brunnström (Alkit Communications AB, Acreo) Chaired by Murat Tekalp, Koc University “Audiovisual Network Service Optimization by Quality of Experience Estimation”, Mathias Johnson, Jonas Jalminger, Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen, Kaan Bür (Alkit Communications, VTT, Lund University) “Reduced Reference 3D Video Quality Assessment based on Cartoon Effect”, Gokce Nur, Gozde Bozdagi Akar, Haluk Gokmen (Kirikkale University, METU, Arcelik) “Towards Scalable And Interactive Delivery of Immersive Media”, Omar Niamut, Jean-Francois Macq, Martin Prins, Ray van Brandenburg, Nico Verzijp (TNO, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs) “Using the MPEG-7 Audio-Visual Description Profile for 3D Video Content Description”, Nicholas Vretos, Nikos Nikolaidis, Ioannis Pitas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) “New usability evaluation model for a personalized adaptive media search engine based on interface complexity metrics”, Silvia Uribe, Federico Álvarez, José Manuel Menéndez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) Chaired by Andy Bower, BBC “HTTP Adaptive Streaming: MPEG-DASH Proxy for Legacy HTML5 Clients”, Stefan Kaiser, Stefan Pham, Stefan Arbanowski (Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS) “Enrichment of News Show Videos with Multimodal Semi-Automatic Analysis”, D. Does steatosis affect the performance of diffusion-weighted MRI values for fibrosis evaluation in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4?By: Besheer, Tarek; Razek, Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel; El-Bendary, Mahmoud; et al. pylori eradication therapy: impact on eradication rates, treatment resistance, treatment-related side effects, and patient compliance By: Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi; Şahinturk, Yasin; Harmandar, Ferda Akbay; et al.The participants of this study were six prospective teachers selected among the nineteen who enrolled in the course. The results showed that the prospective teachers went through five main stages during the modeling process: understanding the task, devising a solution plan, working out the plan, interpreting and verifying the model, and presenting the model. The nature of prospective teachers' modeling processes was rather result-oriented, consisting of a single cycle as they did not seek an improved solution by revising and refining their models.

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