Connecticut dating laws

They can also withhold union dues, health insurance premiums and employee paycheck advances from gross wages.However, to take deductions other than authorized federal, state and local taxes from employees’ paychecks, employers must receive approval from employees first.Don't want to dig around the glove box for the auto insurance card?Now you can pull up electronic proof to show police.Prospective employees are free to disclose salary history and there are certain other exceptions.Insurance Coverage Of Essential Health Benefits Certain health insurance policies will have to cover 10 essential health benefits that are listed in the Affordable Care Act.The law doesn't prohibit dual arrests and doesn't apply to college students in on-campus housing and tenants who live together in residential rental properties who aren't in a dating relationship.

It applies to individual health plans subject to the ACA HMOs, and hospital and medical service corporation contracts offered to individuals.Examples of nonexempt salaried jobs are bookkeepers, secretaries and telemarketers.As of April 2011, the minimum wage for nonexempt salaried employees in Connecticut is .25 an hour or 0 a week.Understanding the state’s labor laws for salaried employees can help employers avoid fines and penalties.Connecticut labor laws require employers to accurately classify salaried employees as exempt or nonexempt.

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