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The Contacts Data API supports query parameters described in the Contacts Data API Reference print_datemin_query_results(gd_client): updated_min = '2008-01-01' query = gdata.contacts.client. Contacts are stored in the user's Google Account; most Google services have access to the contact list. The details of the authorization process, or "flow," for OAuth 2.0 vary somewhat depending on what kind of application you're writing. Your client application can use the Google Contacts API to create new contacts, edit or delete existing contacts, and query for contacts that match particular criteria This document is intended for programmers who want to write client applications that can interact with Google's contact lists. The following general process applies to all application types: If your public application uses scopes that permit access to certain user data, it must pass review. The five contact roles we require you to provide are: 1. It costs £13 per year and you can pay by debit or credit card. You will need your application reference number (called ‘form ref’ on your application form). You must register for the Update Service within 30 days of the certificate being issued.

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