Date and dash speed dating reviews how many people use online dating sites

ondon has no shortage of choice when it comes to dating events.

Fantastic venues and creative ways to meet your next partner.

It was very unbalanced in terms of male/female ratio; 12 guys total showed up, with only 2 girls for them to speed date.

The lady didn’t start the event right away saying more were supposed to come.

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Most appeared to be newcomers to speed dating, I asked if they’d come prepared with any questions but mostly they hadn’t.We handed in our score cards where we ticked yes, no or possible friend.These were to be fed into the Date In A Dash system where we would be notified online about any possible matches.Before the internet, speed dating was one of very few options singletons had to meet people outside of their friend’s network. I hadn’t really got a clue what to expect but dressed smart, polished my shoes (yep went all out) and headed down with an open mind.I’d tried speed dating before, many years ago and found it rather painful. Arriving at the side street Brick Lane venue I was greeted by the hosts and given a score card and name badge. On the card were some question tips and some do’s and don’ts. Ok so that’s me being a millionaire banker out the window….

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