Dating a vampire chinese movie

These choices were likely made by the filmmakers to disguise the lack of budget and choreography, but really, they don't do a good job of doing that.

Back in the eighties, a bare bones plot and a lack of budget were compensated for by actual creativity, be it hyperstylized camerawork, lurid production design, or entertaining action and wirework.

Sammy overacts, as do the vampire sisters, and thanks to the cheap makeup and effects, they only look silly instead of frightening. The dictionary is more exciting than the narrative of Dating a Vampire.

Yuen Wah is his usual self, but Andy On is wasted as Alex Fong's big brother, an SDU officer who leads his team into the housing estate in a hilariously serious fashion. The biggest killer here is the action, or the lack thereof.

Knocking Wong Jing for lifting ideas would be like knocking Vince Carter for dunking basketballs; it's what they do best, and if they didn't do it then they probably wouldn't be themselves anymore.

Besides, for an obvious cinema throwaway like Dating a Vampire, it shouldn't be that important if they steal an idea or two.

Considering Wong's prolific output even during these depressing Hong Kong Cinema days, I'm starting to believe it's the latter reason.Mister M is a charlatan occult expert who gets involved with real vampires, and is a direct lift of the Roddy Mac Dowell character from the 1986 film Fright Night.Mister M's character arc and even certain scenes are stolen wholesale from Fright Night, which might be considered unethical it weren't for Wong Jing's long history of stealing ideas.Dating a Vampire compensates for its poor writing and low budget with stuff that's even worse.The result: an out-and-out bad movie, and another reason to give up on Wong Jing-produced work.

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