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Although the company later clarified that nicknames or initials would be acceptable, and it has been noted that unlike other dating sites that encourage the use of first names, Ok Cupid "encourages long profiles full of intimate details, including candid answers to questions about sex and politics", making connecting that information with a real name more problematic to users.

In 2017 Ok Cupid reported on twitter that they had removed Christopher Cantwell's user profile for being a white supremacist after a woman reported receiving a message from him.

The site supports multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and emails.

In 2001, they sold Spark Notes to Barnes & Noble, and began work on Ok Cupid.Among other things, The featured a number of humorous self-quizzes and personality tests, including the four-variable Myers-Briggs style Match Test.Spark Match debuted as a beta experiment of allowing registered users who had taken the Match Test to search for and contact each other based on their Match Test types.A-List (paying) members see no advertising and have more filtering options and preferential placement in an "A-List Matches" section of search results.A-list members can also browse openly while choosing whether or not their profile is displayed to those they visited.

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