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Kate has been a personal chef, recipe developer, the food editor at a hyperlocal news site in Berkeley and a freelance writer for publications such as Serious Eats, Anova Culinary, The Cook’s Cook and Berkeleyside.Kate is also an avid rock climber and occasionally dabbles in long-distance running.While it was founded in Sidney, Ohio in 1891 as a cast iron cookware company, and is best known for its quality cast iron, Wagner Manufacturing quickly moved into more diversified stock.It was one of the first companies to manufacture aluminum cookware and, by the early 20th century, was distributing its wares globally.Towards the end of the 19th century, three iconic American cast iron cookware brands were founded, cementing the pan's popularity acrosss the country.

Lodge's newer products appealed to the dueling, and at times, counterproductive, American desire for both authentic and easy-to-use products.

As indoor kitchen stoves became more and more widespread throughout the late 18th and mid-19th centuries, cookware began to evolve as well, and flat-bottomed cast iron skillets became essential pieces of cookware in both Europe and America.

Industrialized manufacturing also helped the spread of cast iron cookware, as these skillets and pots became cheaper and cheaper to produce.

She was also the on-air personality on our podcast, Sunday Supper.

She's worked in food since 2009, including a two-year stint at America’s Test Kitchen.

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