Dating gorham silver plate marks

It can be purchased directly from there or from any major book seller.You don’t need to memorise these marks because they are in Bradburys book of hallmarks.Although there are many books on the market which can be used to help read hallmarks, the standard book of reference, used by dealers and collectors world wide is Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks.This pocket sized reference contains all of the marks that one is likely to encounter on a regular basis.Look for a matching date letter with or without the duty mark as needed.Whilst looking for the date letter, you need to bear in mind that the font, it’s capitalisation and the shape of the background, known as the shield, are varied in each cycle of letters.From 1786 to Victoria's reign, the King's head Duty Mark always faces right and is embossed like all other hallmarks.

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This mark has become known as the Incuse Duty Mark.This mark is sometimes mistook for the standard mark but it was in fact a special duty mark, used only in Dublin.Again, you don’t need to memorise these marks, just flick through Bradburys to find them.If you can find one of these marks, then you know that the item is British silver and you can move onto stage 2.Note that dublin is unique in using the same mark for the town mark and the standard mark. However, the crowned harp is often seen with another mark called the Hibernia which is similar to the Brittania Silver Mark of a seated lady.

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