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After joining the website, they provide you the ads and you need to click that ads and for every click, they pay as little as 0.01$ which is approx NRs. And the worst part of it is there is a limitation of ads they provide your per day.So, we would not recommend, but if you are lazy, don't want to give effort on blogging and youtube then it's worth trying it.

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Many students are spending most of their time on Facebook. Create a page on Facebook on some topic, post updates on a regular basis, build that page.

So these are the 5 online jobs for students can earn money without investment. If you want to do online jobs mentioned above, then let us know in comments or you can contact us.

Nepal's School Sector Development Plan (SSDP 2016-2023) focuses on improving education quality and builds on the achievements of the previous School Sector Reform Plan (2009-2016) and the Education for All Program (2004-2009).

The SSDP is a seven-year plan, supported by a pooled funding mechanism, with a joint financing arrangement between the government and 8 development partners, with high donor coordination and use of the public financial management system.

Under the federal system, the provincial and 753 local governments are responsible for basic education provision.

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