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Next, she is tied to a steel grid, zapped and fucked with a large dildo making her whole body shake in ecstasy.

Finally her tight ass hole is fucked with Maitresse's strap-on cock!

Both girls can take the pain and are rewarded with the vibrator. Gia rewards Chloe by fucking that tight, slutty submissive hole. Chloe's ass is spread nice and wide by Ashlee and her strap-on cock.

Time to show her mistress how well Ashlee can fuck a slave's ass.

While Chloe's ass is pounded by her rival, Gia pours hot wax across Chloe's back and ass for a little extra pain to go with her tight little asshole getting stretched wide.

Gia is not without sympathy for her hardworking slut, and with a vibrator gets Chloe to cum.

Gia makes both slaves scream with some hard titty . Metal clamps are applied to the slave's breasts; not the nipples but the tender side flesh. Chloe has earned the privilege of eating out her mistress' pussy. The poor slave, screaming in her pussy, wants to make her mistress cum.

The Good Slave The Filthy Slut Gia Di Marco Dominates Them Both Year: 2019 Director: Fivestar Cast: Gia Di Marco, Chloe Cherry, Ashlee Juliet Tags: stockings, double penetration, strap-on, lezdom, facesitting, anal, licking, femdom, masturbation, penetration, lesbian, dominate, fingering, bdsm, vibrator, slave, bondage Description: Chloe Cherry is in her favorite place, in the dungeon with her mistress Gia Di Marco. Meanwhile, the new slave is running late, and Gia is already angry.

She learns that a new girl is coming to submit and try to please Gia. Ashlee Juliet finally arrives and must face Gia's wrath.

Zoe stands by drooling and whimpering until she is allowed to lick some balls and rub her cunt.

To see which servant deserves Rob's cock in her ass, Stefanos arranges a competitive reverse cowgirl ride.

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