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Postal dating can provide a clue but some postcards remained in print, in retailer’s shops or even in people’s homes for many years; before being used.

The 'Early Days & Art Cards' and 'Extras' pages contain earlier examples and samples of some of the postcard 'series' by individual artists or publishers; that I have enjoyed collecting as my interests expanded.

Previous visitors may notice that in 2014 some of these latter articles have been moved off the site.

That is in preparation for another project, and the emphasis on those pages is now a little bit more 'postcard collector' orientated, as my interests, in that respect, have developed. It is sometimes necessary to scroll down a little after the new page has fully loaded) Naturally I have made every effort to ensure that my facts are correct and if I cannot be certain I try to make that clear within my text.

Likewise, pinpointing the vintage of photographs can be difficult.

It gets easier with practice but one can rarely be precise, even when the publisher's index system is understood.

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