Dating mistakes women often repeat

“Sometimes, my relationship ends in 2 months (wry).” Romance-oriented women don’t hesitate when they fall for someone.

Regardless of compatibility, they immediately start dating the guy, which often results in relationships that are short-lived.

In retrospect, I think that when you are so much focused on the outside, you forget to take care of the essential – your actual relationship.

Eventually, when it begins to wear off, you end up staying longer for the sake of appearances. And yes, I get it – when you are happy you want to broadcast your happiness on the world wide web, but having been there and done that, I would say that no amount of likes will make it work magically.

Want to know about relationship mistakes that haunt most of us, women? It was right there, staring me in the face – 7 mistakes I made in that relationship, from going public too soon to rushing to labelling it right away, when we should have been both more focused on cementing our trust and getting to know each other. We sort of seal the deal, before we even know who we are sealing the deal with.

So, I recently “accidentally” stumbled upon my ex's Instagram, as you would nowadays on social media. So, here it goes - classic relationship mistakes that are so hard to avoid the first time! For the sake of “security” or maybe because some of us are control freaks, we rush into labelling a relationship. And while it might sound romantic to call him your boyfriend and have him call you his girlfriend, there are often not enough elements that would justify your choice, other than an initial romantic attraction.

You can better avoid making this mistake by approaching someone as a friend first before deciding to date.

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You don't have to have all the answers straight away.

This can end up being awkward for you as well as the people around you.

It’s best to avoid getting into another romantic relationship within the same social circle as your ex.

You don't have to come to a resolution immediately.

I used to listen to my girlfriends telling me that it's ok to just have fun, as I am a free and independent woman in control of her body, all for the sake of sexual revolution.

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