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She’s also active in healthcare legislation, healthcare advocacy, and spreading awareness about breast cancer.She’s vocal about her opinions on healthcare and medicine, which make her an engaging personality in the media.When she was in her third year of medical school, her grandmother passed away of advanced breast cancer.According to Saphier, her grandmother was not comfortable letting her doctor see her breasts.She went on to do a five-year radiology residency at Maricopa Integrated Health Systems in Arizona.

Also Read: Emily Compagno’s Wiki from Fox News Saphier is currently the director of breast imaging at the Monmouth regional site of Memorial Sloan Kettering.THE BEST ADVICE The best advice a doctor's wife gave me before we started medical school was: "have NO expectations." This, she told me, would ensure that I would "never be disappointed." At the time it seemed like a dismal attitude to have towards my husband and our relationship, but, honestly, it has probably saved our marriage.More importantly, I think it trained me to consistently assume that my husband is doing his best.Radiological imaging techniques include x-rays, CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, and ultrasonograms.1. the science that studies x rays or radiation from radioactive substances, esp. the examination or photographing of parts of the body with such rays.3.

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