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Or would the Rolleiflex prove to be another over-hyped relic unfit for modern hands?

From the first moment one holds a Rolleiflex, it’s clear from outset that it’s a camera that belongs to a completely different time and place.

These cameras were considered the king of medium format photography in their day (and by some accounts, still are), and were seen as the perfect camera for professional reportage and studio work.

The Rolleiflex is also one of those rare cameras whose fame stretched beyond the realm of photography.

Starting c1971 with "White Face": plain front plate, "Rollei-Werke, Franke & Heidecke".

S/Ns: 2.442.134-2.454.999 - K7F3: 1967-1973, Planar lens, no flat glass provision, 12/24 frame counter.

Like all parts the number plates were produced in batches of thousends and I guess the factory did not take the trouble to store them in sequential order. One visit was in 2003 and that day the production of the Rolleiflex FX was on.

S/Ns: 2.455.000-2.479.999 - K7F4: 1973-1981, Xenotar lens, no flat glass provision, 12/24 frame counter.

Show one to any older photographer and they’re likely to either wax poetic about their perfect old Rolleiflex or lament their unfulfilled dreams of owning one.

I added recent information and also deleted data that most probably were incorrect.

The data are grouped by camera line rather than sequential by serial numbers or chronological by production dates.

At the end of the day I decided that both sequential by numbers and chronological by production dates would be confusing and I opted to group by camera line: all A’s together, then all B’s, etc. I already explained that serial numbers were allocated on the basis of production plans, not necessarily on actual production.

I receive quite some messages from Rolleiflex owners who write that they have a camera with wrong parts or more often that I am wrong. The numbers themselves are printed on insignificant parts that were mounted or glued on nearly finished cameras.

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