Dating the undatable guy

Meanwhile, the guys check their scores on "Lulu" - an app on which girls can provide a private rating or feedback on guys they have dated - and Burski uses the app in his favor.

Meanwhile, Shelly and Brett secretly ditch Burski to pick up dates and Leslie accidentally blows their cover. Danny and Justin compete for a girl's attention and the outcome is shocking.To guide Danny, Justin - having had success with Nicki - turns cocky and tries to give him advice on how to act.Meanwhile, Brett and the gang mess with Justin so he becomes more comfortable with Brett's sexuality.He believes that he “deserves” the best even though he hasn’t really earned anything.He is often single, and unemployed (or “transitioning”) because he feels that every job and every relationship is beneath him. Often found in his natural habitat of unwashed filth, playing video games while drinking out of cans or bowls (“All of the cups were dirty”). In many ways the opposite of the Self-Neglecter, the Narcissist spends way too much time on his own physical appearance.

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