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If you look at the top of this scam report you can see the cost of credits, 200 credits will cost you This website is operating a massive criminal operation.

(A screenshot showing that we have received 381 email messages so far.) Below we've included screenshots of a very small amount of the 1362 email messages we have received thus far.

And of course they want you to agree to all of this before you're allowed to make a profile on there phony hookup site.

It's hard to fathom the level of deceit and lies on My Daily

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The answer is she's attracted to nothing because the emails aren't sent from real women but from fake profiles.The website is responsible for blasting people with thousands of email messages for one reason and that is they want you to try and communicate by emailing these phony profiles back.The thing is you can't email anyone back unless you purchase credits on the website.The emails themselves are conjured up using computer software programs that are automatically sending people fictitious email messages.There are no real girls or any humans for that matter sending people email messages.

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