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Having depth and the ability to hold your own in any crowd definitely ups your SMV.Factor three: Status Your status is a huge factor in your SMV.Experimenting with pleasing women makes her think that you know what you are doing and also makes her feel good.The more giving you are in the bedroom, the more highly you will be valued on the market. To increase your sexual market value, try to read about what women like in bed.If you want to increase your sexual market value then try your hardest to look your best. What they don’t want is a guy who has bigger nipples than them or a beer gut bursting out of his belt.A little exercise and portion control goes a long way.

That means attaining positions that make you an upstanding member of society.

Rather, it is in finding your unique style where you receive the biggest boost. Believing in yourself increases your sexual market value by miles. If you want to increase your SMV, then turn on the charm, if and when, you can.

[Read: How to be the hot guy – 20 rules to instant hotness] Factor two: Game Game is all about how you play it. Because men are innately supposed to be the hunters and gatherers, a woman wants a man who is confident and knows what he wants and who he is. Being charming might not come easy, but if you practice giving compliments, smiling a lot, and telling girls what they want to hear, then you boost your overall SMV greatly.

[Read: A man’s guide to look effortlessly good in bed] #2 Grooming.

The man bun might be something that makes you “hip,” but that doesn’t mean it is a good look for you personally.

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