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The only real distinction under the hood is that the Quad records up to four programs at once. Both the Dual Lite and Quad requires you to add your own external hard drive for storing recordings.

It’s been a little over a year since Tablo Dual Lite debuted.

I found a number of instances where the feature didn’t work, or said that commercial skip wasn’t available. So I anticipate that commercial skip will only get better with time.

These over-the-air signals are uncompressed, so the picture quality will look much better than what your cable TV provider delivers. These tuners receive digital over-the-air (OTA) signals from the TV antenna plugged into the back of the Tablo.If you upgrade to a new Tablo down the road, the subscription sticks with you.So you’re not into a cycle of paying again and again. There are no sticky contracts, hidden fees or commitments familiar to cable TV subscribers. The commercial removal process happens after a recording is complete.The really nice thing about this interface is that you can quickly drill down on what shows are available on a channel by channel basis.So if you know you favorite TV show is on NBC, but you’re unsure of when it’s on, no worries.

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