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You will use one of your email addresses and a password of your choice to help create your account. Once you join Epinions, you will have full access to a members center where you will have all the information you will need to be successful at Epinions.Everything from how to write a product review to how to understand the rating guidelines will be in your member center.One place of these companies is Epinions.com, where you can earn money writing product reviews for 30 different categories of products.Some of the most popular categories include cars, software and computers, electronics, kids and family, and sports.This would be similar to the revenue sharing programs offered at Squidoo and Red Gage.

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Dating and singles groups on social networking sites are incredibly popular. Doherty earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Oswego State University in New York.

While I would caution anyone wanting to make it their primary source of income, I think it could certainly be a great additional “WAH egg to have in the basket”.

I also think that it could become a great conversation starter or self-promoting tool just knowing that you are writing reviews for products.

If you are actively writing product reviews and have a balance of or more, you will receive a payment from Epinions.

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