Excel vba stop screen updating

You should be able to see the Excel screen flickering in the background as the macro carries out its tasks until, eventually, it finishes.

The next time we run the procedure we don't want to be able to see the screen flickering in the background.

Jeff Coachman The After Update event does not trigger when the field is changed by vba. Hwnd To "unfreeze", call it again with an argument of 0 (zero): Lock Window Update 0 Just be SURE to call the unfreeze code, otherwise it'll appear to lock up the application. Recordset Dim var New Value As Variant Set rst = Me. [Tag_Create S I've tried the revised recordset code. As you suggested, I started to look at form events but could find nothing causing a problem.

The flicker is bearable, but I very much don't like it at all. Attach a label to a control 1) Open a form, report, or data access page in Design view. I have commented out the last 3 lines of the code (see code) Nothing has changed really. Now that the 3 last lines of the code have been commented out, there is no screen flicker. docmd For clarity, note that [Stocknum] is a field in the same record. So, I created a new access database and included only the table and the continuous form stripped everything.

The Screen Updating property resets at the end of a procedure.

This means that if you run a different subroutine after the one above and you haven't added the line of code to disable screen updates to it, you'll be able to see the screen updating in the background.

When VBA changes a record, then it should be smooth and seamless. Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. So, the user might click on the several records (on this field) to change the value as desired. That flicker to me is like a bug landing on your nose when you are required to not move a muscle.

One quick and easy technique to make your code run faster in Excel VBA is to simply prevent the screen from being redrawn each time something changes.

You can achieve this by using the Screen Updating property of the Application object.

If I do it using VBA, (activated by the click event on that field), the code below flips the value with the bonus of a screen flicker. I want "Elegant" and I want it to be naturally fast. Recordset Dim var New Value As Variant Set rst = Me. [Tag_Create S Point taken, I will address performance in a separate question.

If I change the value by hand, I do not get a screen flicker. Just use the Recordset Clone - far easier, much faster, no flicker: Private Sub Flip Tag() Dim rst As DAO.

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