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Your phone probably won’t be able to talk to your car too much, but your car itself might be able to do things — legally — without your phone. There were several years when Bluetooth was installed in what we’d now call dumb phones.How to: To talk on a non-Bluetooth phone, you’ll have to make sure you can do so with a “single touch,” according to the bill.

On Tuesday, the state House approved the proposed new restrictions with widespread bipartisan support. For many, this will be a major, even unsettling, change in how we roll when we drive.If your vehicle isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, using your phone to call someone will have to be a little old-school.How to: To talk on the phone, you’ve got two options: To integrate the phone’s other features, what you’re looking for is a way to connect your phone to your vehicle with a cable, usually an auxiliary input jack marked “AUX.” In most vehicles, this only carries the audio output, which is useful for hearing your tunes or driving directions through the car’s speakers.Using these buttons will be allowed under the new law.Most cars have a voice button that allows you to say the number or name of person you want to contact.

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