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Hie committee of Inquiry, under the chairmanship of G. Geary (Cons., Toronto South) was ap- pointed by the House on a resolution moved by Hugh Outhrle. and was upon a report of the HBiiillt^)n .speech appearing in The Toronto (ih^be.

After meeting In private, the com- mittee will convene again IMKt waak to present a report. had been baaed upon Information which he subsequently learned to be false.

b Y the Auocliird rrrs^) REPORT REVOLT IN BRAZILIAN STATES RIVERA, Uruguay, March 4 (AP). His .subject will be Some A.spects of the Indian Problem." During his travels in the Dominion before returning to Bogland. Vou will want three or four pairs at thia attractive price. TWO PAIRS FOR fl.60 EVERY PAIR FEREECT Suede Taffeta , Costume Slips .29— .y5 Specially flevl Rtied ff)r wear under the new Spring frocks.

JAPANESE STATEMENT This was the way the Japanese put it: "The Japanese forces ate main- Continned on Page t, Cofwnn 6 ISCOMPLETED Comniittoo Probing Charges Against Premier R. Ben- nett Reports Next Week only two Drief seflslons, the House - - of Commons committee appointed to investigate chargea agabut Wr— tor R. "nte trio eseaped In an automo- bile, after placing N. The report .should be printed and distributed with this end in view, he urged. League of Nations Calls on Japanese To W ithdra w Army Chinese Spokesman Says Defenders of Woo Ming l UUed to Last Mun— Japan Supports Reso- lation for Cessation of Hostilities SIX PLANES s Tmu Advance Guard of Miners Letves Edmonton for Great Bear Lake Af)pral l l*arriilh of Kidnappnl Cliild lo Hrfraiii hroin Xrfioti \nraiiist . Nation- wide Searcli Increases in Intensity Letters Lead to Close bluest of of Nursemaid DIES AFTER BEING STRUCK BY MOTOR GAR Toil' ri«' 193;. "' ''V'*'''i'his"w7r\hro,;rh''the flames and fighting around Shanghai, accordmg rushed for help, but so great a hold April 27. Lo, with iiarriiw I rnich heels, nt the f.tiin'iis "Ilole- proul" make.

Gordon, who Is a former Cabinet Minister, expressed regret today that .^tnfeiiirnt.s he luul made at Hamilton had bron a,s to enable new.spapers to nilscon.strue them Into grnvr imputations of misconduct on the part of the Pi inie Mliilstrr He also told the c Dinmlttre that his charges to the effect that Major Herridge had enjoyad hla honeymoon last year at the expense of the Canadian Gov- emo Mnt.

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—Newspapers at Santa Ana, across the Brazilian border, announced through loud speakers today, that a revolt was In progre.s.s in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo, capitals of the important Sfiutlirrn Brazilian States of Kio Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo The announcement said numer- our j Kllt Jca I leaders had resigned their Federal pasts, among them Assis Brazil. Lord Irwin will make one or two other public addresses. mnna«er of announres l»rd Irwin s tnau Rural the Hudson's Bay Company here. Made s Hghtly iit- f«; an per cent •( ordtitar T (tomach diiir. a* san la as* Iharat SL caan.) accidentally touched a hot Iron duilac tlia eadtanaant altar ba found tha body.

killing hundred.s of Another report waa that Uuho had been retaken ani S ship sunk. but the Ghlnaae pcpnlaae waa gal Hble Mationaltat nagi were brooght out to w l a Siali lha i Lute y ole Increases Majority ■DMONTON. The whole of the 0,000 thus received had been applied on provtocial works, and none of it on municipal projects. • • • If the man-power in Chln.i were thoroughly organised and lutel- iiflontly led. Institute Uolth (Pf}ening Soi'ial A$ Neuf Qmarters T7ie Vi. Another very attractive group in smart (leek tweeds. • tt M DHBinion Th Mtrt'c f Mtiirt for ttlfw starting today.

March 4 (CP).— Six ahplanaa today roared away from the airport here, beaded for the ndneral area of Great Bear Lake, IJBOO mllee to the north. Ottawa, Mr, Johmon stated, had not disputed this treat- ment of the 0,000 advance, and had set up sniarato orders-to-coun- cii whfn dea Unff idtai amalelpal works. no power en ^ earth would dare to challenge the na- tional integrity of that state. I|31;4S 43 .| 4 14 7 8 10 40 4 7' 6 8 22 09 S O 8 0 W 1h 4 3 17 20 « S 23 34 Tv O 1.01. I|ia: M 3.6 M Pmt^rj, Twt4$ Exirs THE MOTOR HOLSE Yatas Straet at Vancouvar Straat' (VICTORIA) UMITSD i'i'Hli DAILV COLONIST, VICTORIA. Sites for 8 to 14 years f «.05 Saooad Floor, NBC Give tke Boy the Right Ctotli M for Sshool Well-tailored suits and other clothing made by experts who have specially .studied hoys' needs are worth while frmn the first day when yon take a i.-ii doiiahle pride in the lad'-s .smart and manly appearance to the last, when you find hov^ wen the garments have stood ap against the endless wear *and tear. M Bacliaii Kaldnrt for ■eys Prooi 4 to 14 Hard-wearing (|uality fancy tweeds in grey anil brown: fully lined and finithcd with belt loopk. MI «i7es NBC I'allr 10 THE DAILY COLONIST, VU To RIA. In enartlii K tho role of the doctor ■a Ikj bnii^.s hapaitea.

Alcorn refused to make public any further details of their exam- ination of Johnson, who told new.s- papermen he had been out of work and had come here to visit hus brother. .secretary to Governor A, Harry Moore, of New Jer.sey: "We've got the car, and we've got a m Uk bottle found to tte car." Johnson was formsrly employed on the yacht of Ttemas W. **5fi°' *" 'ntli Jtato friand of the Ltodter^, began a periodic brt)ad- CMt of tte par MRs* aanaai m ste Amano, was en route northward for the express purposs of putting down tosurgente against tte new feder ated Manohwria. headquarters, 1416 Lang Street, to- night Canada's total catrh of fish last year weighed 888,000,000 pounds. • * • If the practical reformers who "abolished the bar" liad been con- tent with their aclilevement. In fact, it is onlv reasonable to .suppose that the executive picked out by the ballot, method wa.s not acceptable to this group; otherwise it is doubtful whether this method WOUld have been questioned. Each dininf Hroom suito ia an authentic reproduction of a famous period design, and whether tho wood is solid walnut or walnut veneer, tho craftsmanship ahowa ia of fta oacaftdingly high or- der Your inapoctioa of this diapiajr ia vt Sm Otf invited.

IS CLOSE FRIEND He said te had known Miss Oow for about three years, and had "been going with her." off and on Meanwhile. Lamont, of tte Morgan banktog firm, poller announced — d( morrow. Ite Japanea planned to p roois d on ttet firem Hailin. Executor's Sale RESIDENTIAL BUILDING SITE ON FOUL BAY ROAD, consistinff of half an acre, garden soil and oak trrrs. and had not rushed to the extreme of attempting to enforce complete prohibition, the kx Mtlegglng racket woukl never have been bom, and an example set which led to other forms of defiance of law and estab Ushfl Mnt of diserder. The motion to adjourn the meet- ing for two weeks was finally car- ried, and the object of this letter Is to make a special appeal to a U members of the league to be present at this meeting so as to prevent any attempt to subvert the wishes of the members. WEILER'S Complete Houao Furnishers Qovornment Street Esta Mishr,' isf;-- Not to bo lost, although defeat May take some treasures, rare and sweet.

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