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Lord Melbourne, the illegitimate son of Lady Melbourne and Lord Egremont, protested to Queen Victoria that things had come to a pretty pass with religion being allowed to invade private life. At one point in the 1780s, George III was so worried about the moral health of his subjects that he issued his Proclamation on the Suppression of Vice and Immorality.

It had very little effect, except to provide amusement among aristocratic circles.

There are more or less no preppy guys or 'metro-sexuals' and fashion is quite different than in the US, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

One very common look is angular features (read: chiseled jaw, strong cheekbones), dark hair, maybe some stubble/5'o'clock shadow, brilliant blue-green eyes.

The BBC’s adaptation of Vanity Fair may seem a little too sexy for some but all those bosoms and thighs are absolutely on target.

Simply thoughts and personal opinions, and if you find anything here offensive, you're probably right, but sorrynotsorry.You need an online translator for translating Georgian into English.We honestly hope that our automatic translator will help and simplify Georgian - English translation of texts.The Georgian era was ended by the rise of evangelical Christianity, the prolonged war with France and the growing power of the middle classes.By the 1830s, Britain was far more sober and serious.

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