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I’ve never really been what you’d stereotypically consider fem.I literally never wear dresses, blouses, makeup, jewelery, or any of the sort.One of the major issues for a lot of people when it comes to gender reassignment surgery is the financial implications.An escort may find that they are unable to afford an expensive medical procedure that could require them to not work in the sex industry for a number of months, adding further costs to the overall process of undergoing a gender reassignment operation.I enjoy the idea of femininity, I just don’t see myself as that.That being said, I hate masculinity more than I can state.Masculinity, specifically toxic masculinity, in our society is attributed to a lot of problems, best listed in another article.It’s always been toxic to my mental health, and I do not recommend.

This, and how I came to the realization that I actually love my penis, and how this doesn’t disqualify me from being a woman.

Our advice is to gather as many resources as possible regarding your options and consult with professionals if you wish to proceed.

A transsexual porn site created by a fan of these sexy tgirls.

There are a number of reasons why a transgender escort may not wish to undergo surgery in order to change their genitalia.

While in theory, the ability to fully function as a member of the sex you identify with is desirable, plenty of hurdles exist in between what is wanted and what can be achieved.

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