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The Atom Pub HTTP requests use the Representational Set Transfer (RESTful) design approach to web services. Include the If successful, the server returns a `201 CREATED` status code found in the Google Data API HTTP status codes documentation. In this example, along with the status code, the response includes an Atom Pub feed with the import Audit Service service = new Audit Service("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", ""); Generic Feed feed = service.retrieve Monitors("abhishek"); using System; using System. For more information, see the Google Data APIs Developer Overview. Along with the status code, the response includes an Atom Pub entry with the updated import Mail Monitor monitor = new Mail Monitor(); Calendar end Date = Instance(); end Date.set(2009, Calendar. Audit Service; import This API can be used only for lawful purposes in accordance with your Customer Agreement. To prepare a mailbox for export, the Email Audit service creates an encrypted copy of a user's mailbox. Retrieve Mailbox Dump Request("liz", "53156"); Request Status status1 = mailbox Dump Entry1. Audit Service service = new Audit Service("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", ""); Calendar from Date = Instance(); from Date.set(2009, Calendar. This API only applies to G Suite, Education, and ISPs accounts. When the export preparation is completed, the system returns the URLs to the encrypted mailbox files which, when downloaded and decrypted, are available in mbox format. Status; // Status is "ERROR" if the mailbox for this request isn't created Mailbox Dump Request mailbox Dump Entry2 = service. List; import Audit Service; import Mail Box Dump Request; import AUGUST, 30, 21, 0); List using System; using System. To enable the API, log in to your admin account and select Security. To prepare a copy of a user's mailbox for export and downloading, use the Email Audit API's export feed. Mail Box Dump Request request = new Mail Box Dump Request(); Admin Email Address("[email protected]"); User Email Address("[email protected]"); Calendar begin Date = Instance(); begin Date.set(2009, Calendar. End Date = new Date Time(2009, 8, 30, 20, 0, 0); mailbox Dump Request. Audit Service; import

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This document describes the options for sending mail from a virtual machine instance and provides general recommendations on how to set up your instances to send email.JUNE, 30, 23, 20); End Date(end Time()); Incoming Email Monitor Level("FULL_MESSAGE"); Outgoing Email Monitor Level("HEADER_ONLY"); Draft Monitor Level("FULL_MESSAGE"); Chat Monitor Level("FULL_MESSAGE"); Dest User Name("namrata"); Audit Service service = new Audit Service("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", ""); Generic Entry entry = service.create Mail Monitor("abhishek", monitor); using System; using Google. Audit Service service = new Audit Service("", ""); User Credentials("[email protected]", "[email protected]"); Generic Feed import Audit Service service = new Audit Service("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", ""); service.delete Mailbox Dump Request("liz", "34201"); using System; using Google. La=function();function bj(a) C(bj,$i);bj.prototype[th]=! 0;r=bj.prototype;r.listen=function(a,b,c,d);;r. $/;function Si(a) ;function Ti(a) function Ui(a) function Yi(a) r.uc=function();window.sc_init Selects=function();function $i(a) ;function aj(a) C(aj,$i);aj.prototype. a.ka&&"undefined"==typeof XMLHttp Request&&"undefined"!

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