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This film adaptation keeps the original novels controversial plot about a woman who takes a lover when her husband is left impotent by an injury.

It just spices things up with 80s style sex scenes.

In Her Composition a talented music Softcore movie rental cinemax finds creative inspiration in the sounds her clients make during her evenings as a escort.

Zorkon and Moviw are a couple of aliens who come to Earth to learn cinemxa to reproduce in order to save their dying race.

The Handmaiden is one of the finest films on this list.

This short 48 minute film documents rope bondage expert Lilith as she demonstrates a self-tied suspension session.

Teenage strippers naked Farmiga stars as Sophie, Softcore movie rental cinemax woman whose husband is suffering from a deep depression due to his inability to get her pregnant.

When a fertility doctor Softcore movie rental cinemax unwilling to inseminate her in secret, she strikes up an affair with an illegal immigrant she meets at her clinic.

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Wells has a particularly out-there scene involving a bunny suit and a carrot that has to be seen to be believed.

Stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey build their smoldering passion one dance lesson at a time.

The film takes a few darker twists than you probably remember, including a hamfisted abortion subplot, but all is forgiven when these lovelorn teens start dancing.

In less talented hands this could easily be a crap late night softie, but star Joslyn Jensen and director Stephan Littger deliver a compelling mix of passion and tension.

Late-night cable fans will appreciate the appearance of Julian Wells.

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