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Ve received a ton of success stories over the years including many many marriages and kids from people who have met at our events. Where you can see pictures of several people attending. Not the fault of the company but just expect it to happen.Have had matches in every city until I moved to Reno! Also, events are in crowded restaurants and you can hardly communicate with your prospective partner. Time flew by and it was a better experience than I expected. When we approached the hostess and asked for a refund, we were instantly treated with disrespect and told it was our fault and mistake, and that we needed to still participate.Even thou I got several free credits for no match I think I will pass.

Esteem, transitions, relationships, time management, stress, workplace conflict, parenting, dating, youth or teen mentoring.

Call customer service, they can be snarly regarding your feelings. Early 40s who have a college leveled educations, no kids and a good job which takes brains.

Have done 6 events with them and they are pretty well planned out. We decided we would just contact the corporate number, file a complaint and ask for a reimbursement. Although I live in Miami I work in Broward and went to an event at Tokyo Blue which is down the road from my office.

We were approached a few minutes later by the event hostess, who was on at least her second beer and not at all dressed professionally like you would expect a hostess to, and were asked why we wanted to switch and what we were looking for. Great alternative to online dating based on seeing the person in person and to see if they can hold a conversation. Dating has been doing Speed Dating events for busy single professionals since 2001.

The only positive is after attending over 12 events and spending a lot of capital, I dated someone from predating for a few months.

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