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Travelers would tell tales of an old sexbot they have met in the forest, telling them of the wonders of The Old World, and sometimes asking for a quickie.

But now, even his battery have run dry, ending the tale of Martin, The Fuck Bunny.

I’ve created a Subscribestar account as a hedge against Patreon in case they start getting iffy about adult material.

You can find my Subscribestar page here: https:// They’re more doggedly dedicated to hosting all kinds of material.

They can be about character, context, and personality-driven situations that make everything even more erotic in the end.

I have three "universes" I work in: Original Life - Is a world just like our own, with the humans simply replaced by anthropomorphic animals.

Go to where mankind has lost all control, and dwells in both the pleasures of the moment and a deeply repressed hatred of himself for doing so.

The continuation of the initial run of Original Life, set five years later. Don't get me wrong, I like his works, but this thing is such a blaze e approach.

Cottonwine - A fantasy world of furries, humans, elves, and other derivatives, with embellished sexual hedonism that continually threatens higher civilizations.

There's no magic, no gods, but there's enough superstition for people to believe in them.

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