Jewish widows dating

The second solution harks to medieval times, when some rabbis included a clause in the Jewish marriage contract (ketuba) stating that yibbum would not be required if the groom died childless.

Such a clause "would not be a violation of Jewish law," said Rabbi Michael Broyde, a judge for the Rabbinical Council of America and a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta.

When she said no, he asked whether her late husband had any brothers. "Then you need to do the halitza ceremony," the registrar told her, she said.

"Otherwise you won’t be able to marry, ever." With the wedding just weeks away, Sarah felt she had no choice but to agree to perform the ancient ritual spelled out by the Old Testament.

"The late husband’s honor was at stake, as was the family’s continuity.

"Since the halitza ceremony requires a husband to wear a shoe and to walk a few steps, a man without legs cannot carry out the halitza ceremony," Lubitch wrote.

"We might assume that the woman is allowed to marry without halitza. She’s stuck." The woman was spared only because a rabbi was able to determine that the brother-in-law was impotent, and therefore could not fulfill his conjugal obligation under yibbum to bring children into the world.

When she went to the Rabbinate to marry a third time, the registrar noticed that she had never received halitza from her first husband’s brother whose whereabouts she did not know.

When the brother was located, he turned out to be diabetic and his legs had been amputated.

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