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’ He’d seen the commercial and was like, ‘Where do I meet a girl like that? ” Brooks, on the other hand, recounts the story differently.In an interview with 106.7 he said they were set up because, when Sears asked Julianne if she was seeing anyone and said no, he was watching Brook’s play hockey on Game Center on his i Pad.4 When Julianne and Brooks got engaged, her brother Derek Hough told People that he wasn’t at all surprised the two were going to be headed down the aisle.“I knew it was happening within the first month they were dating.Teddy and Julianne first became friends when they worked on a horror movie together that never got released.Meanwhile, Brooks, who was also pals with Teddy, started crushing on Julianne when he saw her in a Juicy Fruit commercial.“I guess he just showed her the i Pad and said, ‘Well I’ve got a guy for you,’ or something,” said Brooks.

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⁠ ⁠ Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life, and how happy you have made me.

It was one of those things where it was instant and that smile and glow she’s had hasn’t dimmed ever since she met [him]. Derek also revealed that he and Brooks have hung out a number of times and that he was asked to be one of his groomsmen.

He went on to call Brooks an old-fashioned guy since he asked their father’s permission before proposing.

“The next day, my 2 In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Hough said her friend Teddy Sears, who she was working with on a never-released horror film, set her up with Laich because he’d previously joked about meeting her.

She said: “My co-star tried to invite Brooks – who was a good friend of his – to visit him in L. Brooks, who knows nothing about pop culture, joked, ‘What are you going to do – hook me up with that Juicy Fruit starlet?

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