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    Management gave green lights to violating clear-as-day terms and conditions to a point where the majority of IVY employees have been locked out indefinitely from abusing their accounts. And following that, you’re not required to get drinks or go to an afterparty with members that want to “carry on the conversation.” However, why wouldn’t you when the executive team is always harping on teammates to “go the extra mile.” -Job security is a phrase that will never be true at IVY. Teammates are tripped up in the idea that while things aren’t perfect, that’s why you do your job. Sadly, this is why those still there still resort to calling it a “startup...” seven years later and still with still no clear sight as to what direction you’re trying to build towards. Not within IVY’s business model, not for the members that either pay nothing or pay everything to be apart of this community, not in the event space and the “why” factor of them being hosted, and definitely not for you and how to do your job successfully.

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    Vi kan jo se, at patienterne har fysiske lidelser, men vi må også konstatere, at den behandling, der hjælper, er psykiatrisk, men det betyder jo ikke, at vi ikke taler med om patienternes individuelle lidelser,« siger han.

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