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" As I learned from Mum, the whole idea that each person has been designated the one perfect soulmate is entirely unhelpful in the quest to form meaningful and nourishing human relationships.

Understanding this as a fundamental truth really helped me approach my dating life without viewing each match as the be-all-and-end-all.

Something Mum instilled in me when I first started dating was the importance of being independent - in particular, how to avoid an imbalance of power on the first date.

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And while I'm sure there's a book's worth of material I could share, here are a few of the key pointers I've picked up over the years.

I can't remember when, exactly, but a packet of condoms appeared quietly on my bedside table years before I lost my virginity.

There was no big, awkward 'birds and the bees' chat.

Books about sex were always visible in our house; consent and appropriate touching were things we spoke about over the dinner table while I was in primary school.

The result of this openness - of these conversations - was that I never felt a sense of shame around sex, at least not in the way many of my classmates seemed to.

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