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It was a standard race course, perfect for beginners: no hazards, and it was an oval track with no sharp turns.

Also, it had the lowest amount of item boxes in the entire tournament, only 3.

The player can race against up to seven other well known characters in the Mario universe such as the great plumber himself or his perpetual arch enemy Bowser, in environments taken directly from the platform games.

This DS iteration introduces several new game play features such as an adventure mode where players undertake missions to collect coins or defeat enemies; drafting; new weapons such as Bullet Bill and a refined power slide system.

It was a bright, sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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| Koopa Chaser Diddy Kong | Banana 1Donkey Kong | Konga Kart Yoshi | Yoshi Egg Birdo | Pink Powerhouse Toad | Mushroom Dynamite Toadette | Pink Shroom Koopa Troopa | Shell Smasher Wario | Gold Buster Waluigi | Purple Buster Lakitu was busy reporting the news."As you can see, this year we have 16 racers! "This year was different from all the other years, as it featured a pole position shootout. I have won 16 out of the last 20 tournaments, so I will win again this year. I'm the most all-around of all the racers, and I wanna keep it that way". The crowd cheered again (except a couple of Hammer Bros from the Koopa Troop, who was supporting Bowser).In fact, Luigi, who had suffered from being not as well-known as his older brother (despite also rescuing the princess on a number of occasions). And then the L Charger finished its pole position shootout. In truth, only a small amount failed as much as he did.He was ranked instead as a 'Wild Card' (which literally meant that it was almost impossible for him to come first) in the Mushroom Cup alone. Some turned too wide, some turned too narrow, some were too scared, but others, such as Mario, were perfectly consistent.First up is Luigi Circuit, first race of the Mushroom Cup!"The massive crowd in the stadium cheered, making an absolutely deafening sound that echoed throughout the course.

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