Marvin sapp interview on dating

Still, the gospel star has used his career to pay homage to his late wife, and previously told The Christian Post that she inspired his 10th studio album, .

“The greatest gift my wife gave me was a statement before she passed,” Sapp told CP in a previous interview.

“During the process, I obviously dated, but some, most, or all, did not understand why I would not commit and move to that place of trying to be married.

But he also said he’s come to a point where he’s seriously considering moving forward with his life.With his kids grown now, he said he’s ready to remarry.Even though Sapp has dated different women after losing his wife, he never committed to any of the women simply because he wanted to focus on giving his children all the attention.With that done now, Bishop Sapp is ready to move on.He’s ready to settle down, and we can only wish him the best.

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