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by Jordy Rosenberg Trans/War Boy/Gender The Coma-Doof Warrior, lashed to the front of the War Rig, his mother’s face gunked onto his own, is mowing down the open desert, plumes of sandvapour cresting over his head, swallowing the backside of the rig and the whole war train following behind.That mask he wears is his dead mother’s screaming visage – the typically deranged bootlicky ‘feminism’ of the serial killer.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . I mean fully hetero, fully cismale – you’re so fully hetero cismale and you love your mother so much you just need to crawl up inside her face and become her.So you’re strapped to the front of a War Rig with your mother’s scream plastered onto your own for the rest of your life, and all you can do for forever now is just thrash the shit out of your . Or (like Judith Butler said) that’s the melancholic desire at the heart of hetero cismale for you: a bunch of hopped-up macho figureheads bulldozing through the desert, their mothers’ death screams frozen onto their own faces, their guitars spewing their own endless screams.I'm equally happy being sensual, perhaps a slow sexy massage ending which ever way you like.Sophia is a stunning brunette with a slim but sexy physique and flawless skin.

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