Mistakes women make dating female midgets for dating

What women who are dating fail to realize is YOU”RE JUST DATING.

That man barely knows you so he may not know if he really wants you.

You do this by taking your time, don’t overshare, and take it slow even if they’re rushing. You miss the red flags and you get caught up in the wrong emotions – I know it feels good with all those love hormones rushing through your body BUT slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race!

I’ve been there too, and I was disappointed with the outcome every time.

Confidence isn’t arrogance however and many women have a sense of entitlement and this is the nail in their dating coffin.

Just because you’re smart, successful and accomplished doesn’t make you a “catch”, neither does have been guilty of at some point but they are things you can easily fix without changing who you are.

You need to be the best version of yourself and this will help you find your happily ever after.

“Why can’t I find a good man”…”All men are dogs”…”Why does dating have to be so difficult? It’s just that I see so many women constantly set themselves up for failure but they only want to focus on the dating mistakes or bad intentions of that man.

If you truly want to solve the problem then taking that approach isn’t going to help you.

But dating can be fun, it’s all about perspective AND the approach.

Social Media and Online Dating has created this crazy age of instant gratification where everyone wants it ALL and wants it NOW.

Sometimes you need to lean on each other in difficult times, but expecting them to carry you all the time only leads to bad places.

I realized that rejection was nothing more than a lesson learned.

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