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To make a very long story short, I lost 3 relationships that meant a lot to me in a very short period of time.Losing the first two put some cracks in my armor but the last one shattered me.Putting it mildly, other people haven’t been supportive of this decision.

Well, they’re still around but guys who call girls are about as rare as unicorn sperm. Don’t ask me why, I think it’s impersonal and takes too long, but, who am I? Is she a friend you lost contact with, did you just meet her at a bar/club or did you get her number from a friend?Things won’t be the same but they can still be good. Like I said, I understand where they’re coming from but I’ve also realized how quickly people try to make decisions for others that they wouldn’t make for themselves. Of course, the opinions of people who care about you are important.In order to make sure that this fresh start works, I’ve come up with some new friendship rules. They offer insight that you might not be able to see on your own.I’ve had time to weigh the pros and cons of my decision and I’m 99% sure that I’ve made the right choice.Call it naivety or unwarranted optimism but I have faith in this new beginning. That’s not to say all the advice I’ve gotten is bad.

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