Nintendo wii stuck updating

(And don't forget to delete the savegames you spammed earlier when you're done!

) Requires: Simply boot a recovery program the way you would any other.

This also requires: 1.) A semi-working System Menu. Then, try to install the Rabbids Go Home channel (maybe others work as well).

Although there is no absolute proof that the Wii U launch titles will all be 720p, the site noted that “the representative couldn’t confirm whether the games can be upscaled to 1080p, only that the ‘native resolution is 720p for all titles showcased.'” Does it really matter that the Wii U is showing off 720p titles?

Not particularly, but 1080p would definitely be a nice to have.

Nintendo sells all over the world, even to folks who may not have HD TVs.

Does it make me particularly happy to learn that it’s showing games at 720p? The Wii has long been hampered by its standard definition roots and it’s going to piss off a lot of fanboys.

To brick a Wii is to damage the console beyond repair - as in 'A bricked Wii has all the electronic functionality of a brick'.

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