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In breakup sex, the excitement stems from experiencing a togetherness that is unconstrained by past and future circumstances.

And when we are aware of a sexually aroused person near us, we become horny as well.Make-up sex takes place after an unpleasant, heated fight with a partner that has created a gulf between the two and threatened the very existence of the relationship; make-up sex then re-establishes their bond in a very tangible manner.As one woman said, "Our relationship is that much more secure after make-up sex, in addition to the added relief of being reconnected to my closest companion.When we are excited by one stimulus, we are likely to be easily excited by another one.Make-up sex is considered by many to be the best sex there is, which in many cases is worth the fight.

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    More importantly, he explains how to develop the traits in yourself that drive women wild, and why you don't have to be a bad boy or a jerk to be successful with women.

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