Oasis singles dating site

Each member has a private gallery which they can add pictures to. To allow other users to see your private photos, you can send them a contact request.

People on your contact list will be able to see your private gallery.

Through this dating site, I met this interesting woman, a 28-year-old bank teller.

We were consistently chatting for almost a month, and then we decided to meet up.

There is no way to remove your social media links from your profile.

The only way to make these invisible to other members is to make your profile private.

Although it is a mainstream online dating site, the feel of the site is actually exclusive.

The site favors teens and young adults, and older members may have a hard time fitting into the site and finding a good match.

The online dating website caters to all adult men and women in Australia and other parts of the world who want to find and meet other singles in their area for friendship, casual dating or relationships.

Your social media buttons will still be linked to your profile, but at least it won't be visible to the public.

Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about Oasis Active.

Pages take a short time to load, even pages like the match result page, which contains several pictures.

Although Oasis Active is a free online dating site, it does have special features to liven up its users' dating experience.

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