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And your dog's fine doing double-duty as a ride-on pony.

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Modern animal lovers trying to maneuver through the potential social minefield that is "petiquette" should start with these 10 commandments—culled from animal experts—to avoid a pet faux pas. Mind Your Pup's Manners or He Never Will Rushing your new dog off to obedience classes may feel like a bit much; you just got him, after all. "), the happier—and safer—you'll both be, says Nancy Furstinger, author of Why I'd Rather Date My Dog.Once you've established a routine, your pup should calm down after each walk and might even settle in for a snooze. Don't Make a Stink in the Dog Park Of course you're playing by the rules, but don't turn into a hall monitor when someone forgets (or ignores) them. Instead, pull your dog onto the grass and have him sit with his back to the oncoming mutt.If you see an owner ignoring his dog's mess, be diplomatic, warns Moore. If the over-friendly owner doesn't take the hint, Moore suggests saying hello, then explaining you're practicing commands and encouraging Spot to stay focused amid distractions.Remind them to keep their hands to themselves until they ask an animal's owner if they can pet it or introduce their own pooch.Welcome to Pet Owners Dating site, the online dating website that specialise in bringing single pet owner and pet lovers together.

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